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The Totally Tuff Trivia Challenge - Totally Tuff Question Totally Tuff Question:
When the Brownie Box Camera was introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1900, what was its retail price? The question was...
When the Brownie Box Camera was introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1900, what was its retail price?
The correct answer is...
One Dollar
Eastman Kodak Brownie

Up to the time of Eastman photography, though already popular, was still considered too complicated for ordinary users, and George Eastman is remembered for having made photography accessible to all.

George Eastman
b. 12 July 1854; d. 14 March 1932

Eastman started off as a bank clerk, and then became interested in photography. He is particularly remembered for introducing flexible film in 1884.

George Eastman

Four years later he introduced the box camera incorporating roll film, and with his slogan "You press the button, we do the rest" he brought photography to the masses.

The box camera had a simple lens focusing on 8 feet and beyond. It was portable, and cost five pounds. One roll of film took a hundred images, all circular in shape. The entire camera would be posted to the factory where the film was processed and the camera re-loaded and returned to the user, the charge for this being $1.00 or 2.2s (2.10).

The photographs were of about 65mm diameter, and opened up a new world for popular photography.

Eastman's contribution not only made photography available to all, but also resulted in a gradual change in what constituted acceptable photography.

Did you know?
From the age of 76 onwards, Eastman was becoming increasingly ill. Eventually, having settled his affairs, he took his own life. Next to his body was a note which said simply "To my friends, my work is done - why wait?"

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