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The Name's Familiar Tell a Friend!
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The Name's FamiliarFrom the book
The Name's Familiar
by Laura Lee

Learn the trivia behind the names...

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The Names - A - M The Names - N - Z
John Jacob Bausch
Chef Boyardee
James Bond
John Breck
Milton Bradley
John Cadbury
Antoine Cadillac
Clyde Cessna
David Lytle Clark
Ruth Cleveland
Sir Condom
William Crocker
Walter Elias Disney
Ray Dolby
James Drummond Dole
Charles Henry Dow
Max Factor
Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit
Enzo Ferrari
George Washington Ferris Jr.
Jack Foley
William Russell Frisbee
Alfred Carl Fuller
Ernest, Julio, and Joseph Gallo
George Gallup
Frank Gerber
Peggy Sue Gerron
Florence Nightengale Graham
Homer Groening
Joyce Hall
Henry Jay Heimlich
Milton Hershey
Henry Phillip Hope
George Hormel
Shojiro Ishibashi
Howard Dearing Johnson
Godfrey Keebler
Dennis Ketcham
John and Anton Kliegl
Kenny Kramer
John Kinder Labatt
Alice Liddell
Thomas Lipton
Sara Lee Lubin
John Mack
Rowland Hussey Macy
John Loudon McAdam
Andre and Edouard Michelin
Christopher Robin Milne
Henri Nestle
Alfred Newman
Jean Nicot
Alfred Nobel
Paul Ofalea
Virginia O'Hanlon
George S. Parker
Louis Pasteur
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
Antoinette Perry
Henry Phillips
Charles Pillsbury
Joel Roberts Poinsett
Ron Popeil
Charles William Post
George Mortimer Pullman
Orville Redenbacher
Arnold Reuben
Henry Martyn Robert
Mary Elizabeth Sawyer
Jacob Schick
Ignaz Schwinn
E. Irvin and Clarence Scott
Richard Warren Sears
Isaac Merrit Singer
Peter Smirnoff
James Smithson
Jerome Monroe Smucker
Frederick Trent Stanley
Russell Stover
Abel Janszoon Tasman
Dave Thomas
Charles Tiffany
Sakichi Toyoda
Earl Silas Tupper
William Erastus Upjohn
Joshua Vick
Sam Walton
Harry Warner
Dr. Thomas Welch
King Wenceslas
George Westinghouse
Sam Wilson
Frank Winfield Woolworth
William Wrigley Jr.
Elihu Yale
Frank Zamboni
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