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Do snakes have bones?
Do snakes have bones?

Do not let the fluid motion of the slithering snake deceive you into believing that its body is boneless. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Snakes are full of bones, from their sectioned backbones, to which are attached from one to 145 pairs or ribs, to the ball and joint sockets, which attach the many sections of backbone together, and allow them to contort themselves like pretzels.

The tips of the one to 145 pairs of ribs in the snakes deceiving body are conveniently attached by muscles to each of the scales, which cover the entire belly, or abdomen, of this charmer. This attachment allows the snake foot-like movement each time he moves one of these scales, and, thus, precludes the need for feet. The snake may be a descendent of the footed lizard, and, if this is the case, its legs gradually disappeared through the evolutionary process, because they became unnecessary to its movement.

Snakes employ several methods of movement in getting from place to place. These include "lateral undulatory movement," "rectlinear movement," the "concertina" method, and the "sidewinding" method. All of these methods of movement are just fancy ways of saying that the snake gets around just fine without legs, and that it adapts its method of movement to suit its needs in the environment in which it lives.

Do snakes have bones?

Yes, a snake can be charming, as Adam and Eve discovered, but can a snake be charmed? Snakes, contrary to common belief, cannot be charmed. As a matter of fact, when a "snake charmer" puts on a show for people to see a snake charmed, he is merely parting them from their money. Snakes, though deaf, are highly sensitive to vibrations, so the scam artist diverts peoples' attention by swaying to the music he is playing, all the while tapping on the basket containing the snake. As the snake rises, aroused by the vibrations from the toe-tapping, he also shimmies to the music, not because of the tune, but because he is watching the wily "snake charmer's" every movement, and is following suit. Ahh...snake eyes!

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