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How does catnip work?   Why is it only for cats?
How does catnip work?

Catnip triggers strange behavioral changes in cats when they come in contact with it. The aroma of catnip drives cats crazy sending them into a state of friskiness and excitement.

Cats react to catnip in many peculiar ways: some cats eat or lick it, others roll in it, some play with it and others will simply just sniff it. All of these reactions release an oil called nepetalactone that stimulates chemical responses in cats causing them to become energized and wild.

Not all cats react to catnip. Young kittens and old cats tend to have no reaction to catnip. However, large cats like tigers and leopards could be sensitive to catnip. Catnip is completely safe and non-addictive to cats.

Although catnip does not have the same response on humans, it is useful to them in other ways. For at least 2000 years, this mint herb has been used in medicines. In addition, it is also found in brewed tea to help humans with digestion and sleep.

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