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Why do bulls charge when they "see red"?
Why do bulls charge when they

Bulls do NOT charge because a Matador's cape is red. They charge because of the movement of the cape.

In Spain, a Matador will don his "Montera" (small black hat), bow to the Presidents Box, and then dedicate the bull to a spectator in the stands.

The Matador will start the fight with a series of passes, first from side to side to bring the bull close to his body, then high with the cape travelling directly over the bull's horns. After the bull is trained to charge the cape and it has reduced its area of protection to just a few feet, a Matador will show you his individual personality by the combination and variations on these passes. Some of the better Matadors in Spain will fight the bull from their knees or even kneel with their backs exposed to the bull.

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