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Celebrity College Graduates - Entertainment Trivia Distinguished Education
Celebrity College Graduates

  • John Cleese:
    Law degree from Downing College, Cambridge University.

  • Glenn Close:
    B.A. in theater and speech from William and Mary (Phi Beta Kappa).

  • Tracy Chapman:
    B.A. in anthropology from Tufts University.

  • Phil Donahue:
    B.A. in theology from University of Notre Dame.

  • Michael Douglas:
    B.A. in pre-law from University of California at Santa Barbara.

  • David Duchovny:
    M.A. in English literature from Yale.

  • Gloria Estefan:
    Psychology degree from University of Miami.

  • Peter Falk:
    B.S. in political science from New School for Social Research in New York; M.B.A. at Syracuse University.

  • Roberta Flack:
    B.A. in music education from Howard University.

  • Jodie Foster:
    B.A. in literature from Yale.

  • Art Garfunkle:
    B.S. in mathematics and music from Columbia University.

  • Hugh Grant:
    Graduate of English Literature from Oxford University.

  • Ed Harris:
    B.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts.

  • David Hartman:
    B.A. in economics from Duke University.

  • Hugh Hefner:B.S. in psychology from University of Illinois.

  • Katharine Hepburn:
    B.S. in psychology from Bryn Mawr.

  • James Earl Jones:
    B.A. in drama from University of Michigan.

  • Tommy Lee Jones:
    B.A. in English from Harvard (cum laude).

  • Ashley Judd:
    University of Kentucky (Phi Beta Kappa).

  • Jay Leno:
    B.A. in speech communication from Emerson College.

  • Hal Linden:
    B.S. in business administration from City College in New York.

  • John Lithgow:
    Harvard graduate; Fulbright Scholarship; attended London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

  • Ali MacGraw:
    B.A. in art history from Wellesley College.

  • Julianna Margulies:
    B.A. in art history from Sarah Lawrence College.

  • Ed McMahon:
    B.A. in speech and drama from Catholic University.

  • Jim Nabors:
    B.S. in business administration from University of Alabama.

  • Bob Newhart:
    B.S. in commerce from Loyola University.

  • Paul Newman:
    B.A. in economics and dramatics from Kenyon College.

  • Conan O'Brien:
    Harvard grad in history and American literature.

  • Gilda Radner:
    B.A. in education from University of Michigan.

  • Gene Simmons:
    B.A. in education (speaks four languages).

  • Paul Simon:
    B. A. in English literature from Queens College.

  • Mira Sorvino:
    Harvard graduate.

  • Howard Stern:
    B. A. in communications from Boston University.

  • James Stewart:
    Degree in architecture from Princeton University.

  • Meryl Streep:
    M. F. A. degree from Yale.

  • Sherry Stringfield:
    B.F.A. from Acting Conservatory of the State of New York at Purchase.

  • Donald Sutherland:
    B.A. in engineering from University of Toronto.

  • Marlo Thomas:
    B.A. in English from University of Southern California; graduated cum laude.
  • Denzel Washington:
    B.A. in journalism and drama from Fordham University in NY.

  • Sigourney Weaver:
    M.F.A. from Yale.

  • Trisha Yearwood:
    B.A. in business administration from Belmont College in Nashville, Tenn.

  • Renée Zellweger:
    B.A. in English from University of Texas.

    Author: Vicki McClure Davidson

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