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Entertainment Trivia
Take a look
"behind the curtain" of Entertainment Trivia

- with Vicki McClure Davidson

The Stories The Lists
- Film Firsts
- Television Firsts
- Music Firsts
- Almost Had The Role
- Actors Who Gained Weight
- TV Outcry & Censorship
- When Stars Marry Stars
- Hollywood and Intimacy

Oscar Trivia
  Part 1
  Part 2

- Jobs of Celebrities' Parents
- (POTUS) Presidential Facts

Classic Movie Treasures
- James Bond

Comedy Cameos
- The Simpsons

- Celebrity Phobias
- AFI's Top 50 Films
- Hollywood and Sports

Voices in Animation
  Part 1
  Part 2

- "Southpaw" Entertainers
- High School Dropouts

Celebrities Near Death
  Part 1
  Part 2

- Celebrities 5' 3" and Less
- Celebrity College Graduates
- Born in San Francisco
- Born in St. Louis
- Bit Parts
- Celebrity TV Commercials
- Hitchcock's One-word Titles
Back to Top
The People The Events
- Bogart and Bacall
- Garland and Rooney
- Tiger Woods
- Hayley Mills
- Charlie Chan
- Mort Sahl

- Hollywood and Its Athletes, Part 1
- Hollywood and Its Athletes, Part 2

Scandals & Tragedies
  The 1960'S
  The 1970'S
  The 1980'S
  The 1990'S

Best / Worst Film Reviews
  Part 1
  Part 2

- Stars on Sesame Street
- Frasier Celebrity Callers
- Celebrity Auctions

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