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    »   The most common place name in Britain is Newton, which occurs 150 times.
    »   Sweden is the biggest user of ketchup spending$4 a year on it. Australia comes in second with $2.50 spent on ketchup each year. Third place goes to the United States and Canada who spend $2.20 a year on ketchup. How do other countries stack up: Germany $1.70, United Kingdom $1.60, Poland and Japan $1.40, France $1.20, and Russia $0.90.
    »   More than 40 percent of the women in the United States were in the Girl Scouts organization. Two-thirds of the women listed in Who's Who of Women were Girl Scouts.
    »   If population continues to expand at its present rate, Calcutta, India, will have a population of 66 million in the year 2000.
    »   Tangshan, China, suffered the deadliest earthquake of the 20th century on July 28, 1976. One quarter of the population was killed or seriously injured, with an estimated 242,000 people killed.
    »   More than 45,000 pieces of plastic debris float on every square mile of ocean.
    »   If we were to up-turn the Millennium Dome at Greenwich, London, it would take 3.8 billion half-liters of beer to fill it up.
    »   More than 50 percent of adults surveyed said that children should not be paid money for getting good grades in school.
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