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Space Trivia at | Trivia, Quotes, Quizzes
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    »   A new star is born in our galaxy is born every 18 days. About 20 new stars are born each year. For comparison, there are 100,000 million stars in our galaxy.
    »   A pulsar is a small star made up of neutrons so densely packed together that if one the size of a silver dollar landed on Earth, it would weigh approximately 100 million tons.
    »   A solar day on Mercury, from sunrise to sunset, lasts about six Earth months.
    »   A space shuttle at lift-off develops more power than all the automobiles in England combined.
    »   A space vehicle must move at a rate of at least 17 miles per second to escape Earth's gravitational pull. This is equivalent to going from New York to Philadelphia in about 20 seconds.
    »   A spectroheliokinematograph is a special camera used to film the Sun.
    »   A sunbeam setting out through space at the rate of 186,000 miles a second would describe a gigantic circle and return to its origins after about 200 billion years.
    »   A teaspoon of neutron star material weighs about 110 million tons.
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