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  Trivia Thursday, July 24, 2014

Today is:
Cousins Day

 Daily Trivia Fix
Fact of the Day
Fashion designer Jacques Fath became established in Paris in 1937, but achieved international fame after World War II for his clever and light touch. He was one of the first French designers to create for the ready-to-wear market in the early 1950's.
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Quote of the Day
"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly."
- Robert F. Kennedy
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Word of the Day
Pronunciation: /kuh-MES-ti-bulz/
n : that which is fit to eat; food
"Please place the wine and comestibles on the picnic table."
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 Geo Trivia
Interesting fun facts and information about the US, Canada and Great Britain



Great Britain

 Scrambled Trivia
What was George Michael's first solo No 1?


Mouse over the scrambled letters for the answer.
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 Bad Predictions
"A new fuel of vastly increased power but of infinitesimal bulk will supersede gasoline [in the next 10 years]:
- Norman Bel Geddes, "Ten Years From Now," Ladies Home Journal, 1931.
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 Today In History
July 24, 1956
After a decade together as the country’s most popular comedy team, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis called it quits. They did their last show at the Copacabana nightclub in New York City.
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Birthdays Today...
Alexander Dumas[La Pailleterie]
Playwright, novelist
b: 1802 - 1870

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 That Explains It!
Answers to all of life's questions... 
What are sunspots?

People | Insects and Animals | Inventions & Machines | Environment, Space & Science | Food, Drinks & Snacks | Customs & Superstitions | Places

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 Entertainment Trivia
Eddie Murphy began writing comic routines for himself when he was just 15 years old, and before he turned 20, was selected to be a cast member of TV's Saturday Night Live.
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 The Name's Familiar
Learn the trivia behind the names...
Chef Boyardee
James Bond
Milton Bradley
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