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Michael Pitt
by Nikita  7/11/2002

Does the name Michael Pitt sound familiar? (No, he’s not related to Brad.) Well it should, because the 21-year-old actor is beginning to make his mark in the acting world.

With only four major roles under his belt, Pitt is already displaying the intensity and skill of a well-trained actor. But he never trained at Julliard or went to any performing arts school, he is one of the few who possess raw talent and who’s presence you’re always aware of, even if he only has one line in a scene.

There’s also one thing that you can’t help but notice about Pitt… his striking resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio, but that’s where it ends. You won’t be seeing Pitt in Titanic 2 anytime soon. Although he did have a one year stint on the teen drama “Dawson’s Creek” playing Henry Parker, Pitt doesn’t seem to want to be a teen heartthrob.

The West Orange, NJ native seems to gravitate towards the more gritty and independent roles than clean-cut Hollywood roles. Pitt’s first semi-major role came in the critically acclaimed Gus Van Sant drama “Finding Forrester”.

He followed that up by lending his talent to the very independent glam rock opera “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, based off the Off-Broadway play of the same name. In this movie, Pitt plays Tommy Gnosis a confused (possible gay) teenage musician who falls in love with a transvestite and then goes on to glam rock stardom.

Next, Pitt accepted the role of Donny Semenec in the very independent and VERY controversial movie “Bully” (based on a true story) also starring Brad Renfro and Nick Stahl. In “Bully” Pitt plays a drug and sex addicted teenager who agrees to help his friends murder a local bully (who just happens to be one of his friend’s best friend).

For his fourth major role, Pitt acted alongside Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling in the movie “Murder by Numbers”.

So while you most likely won’t be seeing Pitt in the latest teen comedy co-starring Freddie Prinze Jr. or reprising his role on “Dawson’s Creek” be on the lookout because hiding out in the smaller or more independent roles will be Michael Pitt just waiting for you to spot him. Of course with looks and talent like his, he just might be on the top of the Hollywood A List whether he wants to be or not.

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